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Marcia Brown Martin is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, speaker, vlogger and faith walker, who passionately shares her own life events as testimonials of faith, inspiration and amazing triumphs through Christ Jesus in the Giving Pot Gives.


The Jamaican born Author, currently resides in the United States. She is a firm believer that the word of God is the most powerful tool that humans possess, and that we are all vessels with an unlimited capacity to receive from God, and to pour out to the world, the ready harvest. She hones her natural gift of storytelling that captures and transports each reader, meandering through her journeys, carefully interwoven with the scripture, while allowing them to relate and contextualize the word of God in their own lives.


Marcia has written and inspired not only her global followers, but has been acknowledged by former President Barack and Michelle Obama for her inspirational story ‘Little Black Girls In The White House.’


She enjoys traveling, nature watching and sharing her stories

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